About Us

Vidur and Sidhanth have been in the food industry for over 4 years, having started with next to no experience in the food space, we launched Wok Me, which in the last year punched closed to 60,000 orders, I am proud to say that we’ve been around for this long due to our hard work and commitment in innovating and pushing products which we love. The champion of our brand were the sauces we created, all of them having a unique personality and flavour profile – we’ve seen these sauces being loved by all age groups, everyone has a favourite, everyone relates to a certain flavour profile and once they are hooked, they are hooked for good.

MasterChow is a our flavor-packed passion project to bring you restaurant style Asian food at the comfort of your home. We're a proud homegrown brand offering a range of ready-to-cook Asian pantry staples to make home cooking easy, convenient and delicious!